Episode: 50

Yoga Teacher Training – Did You Know?

You’ve probably noticed I’m obsessed with how yoga teachers are created. This isnt a new obession for me. I’ve always cared about this deeply for 2 reasons. Firstly, yoga is a part of my culture, my heritage & a part of who I am since birth. Secondly, yoga teacher trainings are where modern day yoga teachers are created. Yoga teachers have deep impact on how yoga is consumed. Hence, conversations like these around ytts are highly needed. Even if you’re never going to enroll in another yoga teacher training or have no association with them.

Conversations like these are not just limited to yoga alliance or some other big yoga teachers or studios that run teacher training. You’re equally a part of this conversation. You can take personalized steps to raise the bar. That’s why I made this episode for you.

At the end of the episode, I share 5 actionable steps you can take today to help raise the standard of how yoga teachers are created. Collective awareness is the first step towards creating deep change & an ever-lasting impact.

On the show today, I’m sharing 5 reasons things you should have heard in your yoga teacher training. Preferably on Day 1. You can also use today’s show as a checklist to audit your own teacher training.

P.S. It’s also our 50th episode on the show. Thank you for helping me get this far. This is just the beginning.

Yoga teacher trainings – did you know highlights:

  • The five things that you should hear on Day 1 of a yoga teacher training
  • Yoga is a cultural practice from India
  • You can never learn all of the yoga from one teacher, one training, or from one course
  • To be a good yoga teacher, you first need to be a great yoga student
  • The world doesn’t need more yoga teachers. It needs better ones.
  • The training is actually an immersion
  • Actionable steps to take starting today

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