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#131: 3 Things I Wish I Knew About Teaching 10 Years Ago

A lot of yoga teachers ask me, "How do I create community? How do I scale?" The answer is you scale by taking every single student who walks in and doing your best to keep them as lifelong practitioners of yoga. As you know, my 30-hour online Teaching Yoga To Beginners Course starts on November […]

#130: 3 Yoga Sequencing Principles for Teaching Beginners

As the owner of Aham Yoga Studio for 10 years, I have honestly been testing, trying, and failing many times and coming up with a blueprint that now we put on repeat that helps us to move the students in a way where they relate to yoga, they feel successful, and they come back to […]

#129: Eat Like a Yogi with Nidhi Pandya

In my studio at Aham Yoga, I have students who have some knowledge of Ayurveda and I would often get so many questions about what the role of food is. How should we really eat? How frequently should we eat and in what quantity? This is honestly a topic that I am no expert with […]

#128: Mind Management through Yoga with Sandipani Manur

Nowadays, there are people who start yoga through asana practice but, at its core, keep saying that yoga is for the mind. The question is how is how can yoga be a tool of mind management? In this episode, I will be joined by a new guest, Sandipani Manur, who will help us look into […]

#127: A Masterclass in the Niyamas - Part 2 of 2 with Vikram Jeet Singh

In the previous episode, Vikram and I started a masterclass on the yamas and niyamas where we dove deep into the five yamas, their layers, and how someone moves through the yamas. And as part two of this masterclass, Vikram and I are putting the spotlight on the niyamas in this episode. Join us as […]

#126: A Masterclass in the Yamas - Part 1 of 2 with Vikram Jeet Singh

Yamas is a topic that I think we don't pause enough on in modern yoga and is often overlooked. They're not always a checklist item in yoga. We see people talking about the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras that I almost feel we're skipping ahead. Embodying yamas I believe is almost a prerequisite before […]

#125: 10 Truths About Studying Yoga

If you have been following this podcast, you know I get really nerdy about how teachers are created in modern yoga. In today's day and age, people are going after speed learning everything, and instant gratification. This more often than not causes more harm than good, especially in the yoga industry. It is important to […]

#124: How Much to Challenge a Student and Recognizing Different Personalities in Class

As yoga teachers, we often have a preferred way of teaching and practicing asana that we become perhaps attached to it. However, we should also consider the fact that not all of our preferences will work with all of our students all the time. We have to recognize that different students often will have different […]

#123: Everything You Need to Know About Sadhana in Yoga with Dr. Manasa Rao

In the modern-day yoga world, a lot of terms get thrown around without having enough context resulting in people only learning surface-level knowledge of something. People then look at it from a limited perspective using their biases and the way they are conditioned. One example of this is sadhana. In India, our cultural upbringing and […]

#122: 10 Ways to Fail As A Yoga Teacher

I recently made a post on Instagram listing 10 ways to fail as yoga teachers, and I thought I should do a short solo episode in case you're not on Instagram or you've missed it and to also add a little more context to the things I've said in that post. These are things that […]


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