Episode: 105

Pranayama Masterclass & Last Chance to Enroll

On the podcast today, we’re doing one final deep dive into pranayama. I’m repurposing an older episode that we published last year. Where I take you through a pranayama masterclass. Essentially, this is you actually sit down and practicing virtual pranayama through the medium of this podcast with me. The episode begins with me giving you a little bit of context and a little bit of background, and then you actually go into pranayama practice. There are things in here that you will be guided through where you can do multiple repetitions and pause the podcast.

As you know, we are now literally less than one week away from my annual pranayama teacher training that happens on November 4th, 2022. So in case you are still in the decision-making phase and want to understand more about the upcoming training, I’ve included in this episode a list of pranayama conversations that I’ve already had on this podcast. I highly encourage you to listen to these episodes in the next couple of days to help guide you in your decision-making process of whether or not you’re signing up for the training.

Rest assured, this pranayama training is fun, efficient, and structured for you to bring you clarity every single week. I cannot wait to get nerdy about all things pranayama with you!

Pranayama Masterclass Episode Highlights:

  • Defining the word ‘pranayama’
  • Parts of respiration
  • Nadi Shodhana, the king of pranayama practice
  • Pranayama is not meant to be rushed
  • Stage 1: Preparatory practice
    • Nasikagra Mudra
    • Guided self-practice for stage one
  • Stage 2: Equalizing the breath
    • Guided self-practice for stage two
    • How we tend to force our breath out
  • Stage 3: Antara Kumbhaka
    • Guided self-practice for stage three
  • Recap of the three stages of the practice

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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