Episode: 44

Suffer from Imposter Syndrome As a Yoga Teacher with Mado Hesselink

Have you heard of imposter syndrome? As a yoga teacher, do you think this is holding you back? I know that this is being experienced by a lot of people particularly women, and more often than not, most of them don’t know how to properly deal with it.

Mado Hesselink is the perfect guest for this topic. She talks about her own experience with imposter syndrome, how the two parts of herself argue with each other, and the wiser part reasons with the other. It is important to recognize it when it happens because it can hold you back from growing when not properly addressed.

Mado shares some helpful insights on dealing with this, how recognizing it can help you improve as a yoga teacher. If you’re in for some guidance, do not hesitate because we have this episode packed with tips and strategies to help you elevate as a yoga teacher.

Imposter Syndrome For Yoga Teacher Highlights:

  • Mado’s story
  • What imposter syndrome is and how to identify it
  • Nervousness and imposter syndrome
  • Is this more common in women?
  • Three patterns where imposter syndrome is harmful
  • The most prevalent pattern among yoga teachers
  • What Mado does when someone with imposter syndrome comes to her 
  • How social media plays for someone who has imposter syndrome
  • Tips for yoga teachers experiencing imposter syndrome
  • Mado’s recommendations for someone exploring imposter syndrome

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Featured Guests

Mado Hesselink

Mado Hesselink, IAYT and E-YRT 500 helps yoga teachers integrate their heart-centered mission with practical business & teaching strategies so that they can make both an impact and a living. Mado has been teaching yoga since 2005 and has been devoted to online continuing education for yoga teachers since 2018. Through her podcast, “The Yoga Teacher Resource” and online courses and memberships, Mado shares relevant stories, practical tips, and down-to-earth advice to guide participants to leverage their unique perspectives, talents, and vision to build a successful and sustainable career.


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