Episode: 45

The Secret to Fun Arm Balances with Allison Ray Jeraci

Arm balances and inversions are something that I really enjoy. But honestly, many of my students cannot balance on thier arms. But there’s another way. On the show today, I chat with international yoga teacher Allison Ray Jeraci. I’m inspired at how fun she makes arm balances. Her approach uses props innovatively and skillfully.

More often than not, we as yoga teachers and students, are caught up in this trap that arm balancing has to be only on our arms. But that’s not the case. Allison talks about the different ways to approach arm balances. She even goes deep on how to sequence and what yoga teachers should be keeping in mind when teaching arm balances. It is also very important that yoga teachers learn to use props. 

I know that as yoga teachers, we sometimes get stuck in our yoga journey. If you’re struggling with your arm balances or just want to give your classes something new, the things that Allison shares today will greatly help you in your journey as a yoga teacher.

Arm Balances Episode Highlights:

  • The mindset needed to start on arm balances
  • Myths or false ideas about arm balances
  • How to prepare for arm balances
  • Other ways to do arm balances on different parts of the body
  • Creating an experience with arm balances
  • The role of arm balances and prop usage and how they interact
  • Tips on prop usage
  • Do proportions play a role in arm balances?
  • Is there a hierarchy in arm balances?
  • Focal point or Drishti and breathing in arm balances
  • Allison’s advice for yoga teachers who are getting started or trying to grow their arm balance practice
  • Allison’s favorite arm balance

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Featured Guests

Allison Ray Jeraci

Allison Ray Jeraci is an international yoga teacher who specializes in prop variations, joint mobility for pose-groundwork for educational, exploratory and accessible classes. She is a featured writer for Yoga International, YogaUOnline, and YogaRenew. She is also a featured teacher for Yoga Anytime and has co-created and led multiple yoga trainings for various studios and online platforms.


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