Episode: 128

Mind Management through Yoga with Sandipani Manur

Nowadays, there are people who start yoga through asana practice but, at its core, keep saying that yoga is for the mind. The question is how is how can yoga be a tool of mind management? In this episode, I will be joined by a new guest, Sandipani Manur, who will help us look into managing the mind through yoga and the different layers of the mind.

Sandipani has been teaching for a very long time. He has 25 years of learning and teaching yoga and he aims to keep yoga very simple and relatable.

It is such an honor to be the first podcast interview of Sandipani. I know that exploring the layers of the mind is not an easy concept but Sandipani is very brave to tackle this vast topic while making it very relatable. Some of the things we discuss are the parallels between the Eastern and Western views of the mind, how yoga views the mind, and whether or not meditation helps with managing the mind.

I hope that you find this conversation helpful and find things that you can apply in your own yoga practice.

The Mind Management Episode Highlights:

  • How is the mind connected to yoga?
  • Drawing parallels between the Eastern and Western views of the mind
  • What is yoga’s view of the ego?
  • Which layer of the mind should one be operating from?
  • What does the Manas control?
  • How does yoga view the mind?
  • What happens when the mind is overloaded?
  • How do practices like asanas help the mind?
  • Why should someone spend so much time, energy, and effort in deconstructing their mind?
  • Practices that can be used for different levels of the mind
  • Will meditation help the mind?

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Featured Guests

Sandipani Manur

Sandipani is the co-founder and the Director of Academics at Amrutha Bindu Yoga. He is a yoga teacher, martial artist and a life coach. Having taught over 50,000 hours of yoga, and trained and mentored over 1,000+ yoga teachers in 25 years of learning and teaching yoga, his simple yet profound teachings are a rich amalgamation of applicative yoga, eastern philosophy and mysticism.


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