Episode: 127

A Masterclass in the Niyamas – Part 2 of 2 with Vikram Jeet Singh

In the previous episode, Vikram and I started a masterclass on the yamas and niyamas where we dove deep into the five yamas, their layers, and how someone moves through the yamas. And as part two of this masterclass, Vikram and I are putting the spotlight on the niyamas in this episode.

Join us as we identify the differences between the yamas and niyamas and the reasons why they differ in application. We also go over each of the five niyamas, their definitions, and applications for practitioners in our day-to-day life.

Vikram really simplifies the yamas and niyamas and makes them not only relatable but also actionable. He sets the stage beautifully for yoga practitioners like you and me to step into this practice and take these concepts that are often just suck in the books and actually start living and using them in our daily lives.

The Niyamas Episode Highlights:

  • The difference between the yamas and the niyamas
  • Are the yamas and niyamas absolute?
  • The layers of saucha and its application to a modern-day practitioner
  • How does one practice santosha
  • What does tapas mean?
  • The methodology to svadhyaya
  • The practice of ishvarapranidhana
  • Recommendations for practicing the niyamas

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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Featured Guests

Vikram Jeet Singh

Vikram took his first asana class at Modo Yoga in the fall of 2006 and right away fell in love with the practice. After regularly practicing for about a year and a half, he finished the 500 hour Modo Teacher Training in Kerala, India in March 2008. After teaching part-time for a few months, Vikram decided to switch careers and ultimately left his HR job to pursue a full-time teaching career. Vikram has taught at various Modo locations in the GTA since November 2008. Over the course of the years, he has accumulated over 11,000+ hours of teaching experience.


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