Episode: 101

The Art of Instructing Yoga with Christina Sell

I know many yoga teachers today struggle with instructing yoga. You might often find it challenging to put what we feel into a rational, coherent sentence that makes us relatable to help our students engage in the learning process of the aspects of yoga.

If yoga teachers could spend some time mastering not only instructions but also the art of communication. It would be a game changer for everyone. This conversation explores this aspect in detail. As yoga teachers, we can engage our students through our words. But this is a two-way door. But is often opened by the yoga teacher in class. Far too many yoga teachers spend way too much time on just instructions. But forget that there is another human on the other end with whom they should engage, interact and contextualize yoga. This way they can grow as teachers and have students who grow with them.

Instructing yoga is nuanced. This is further influenced by the quality of your yoga education thus far. Your teachers’ matter. Who their teachers were matters. How long and how deep you study matters. Add geographical location to this mix as it definitely influences what type and how much yoga you have access to.

While we can’t contain everything in one episode, we start this conversation with Christina Sell, who talks to us about the art of instructing yoga. Christina has been practicing and teaching asana since the 90s. She draws inspiration from many master teachers in Iyengar Yoga, Anusara Yoga, and Bikram Yoga. She has authored three books, hosts a podcast, and maintains an active teaching schedule presenting seminars, intensives, trainings, and workshops worldwide.

The reason why I chose her to discuss the art of instruction with us is that I have been practicing asana with her for a year now and I can attest to how she puts a lot of passion, clarity, and creativity into her teaching. I really enjoy her compassion, sense of humor, and high-caliber sequencing and the instructions she puts into her classes.

Join me and Christina in this conversation!

The Art of Instructing Yoga Episode Highlights:

  • The goal of yoga and asana teachers in giving instructions
  • Avoiding over-instructing and under-instructing
  • Quality learning and instructing amidst the fast-paced world of yoga
  • Cueing in yoga
  • Is there a difference between teaching a beginner and a more experienced student?
  • Christina’s words of encouragement

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Featured Guests

Christina Sell

Christina Sell has been practicing asana since 1991 and teaching since 1998. Known for her passion, clarity, and creativity, Christina’s teaching style is a dynamic and challenging blend of inspiration, humor, and hard work. Christina believes that yoga practice can help anyone access their inner wisdom, and authentic spirituality and clarify their highest personal expression.

Christina has a BA in Counseling and Education and an MA in Integrative Education and Curriculum Design. She resides in Bellingham, WA with her husband, two very affectionate cats, and the world’s best dog, Locket. She enjoys practicing yoga, writing, reading, cooking, hiking, mountain biking, and snowboarding.


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