Episode: 93

Yoga during a heatwave – what you don’t know

Did you know that there are heating poses, cool poses, and neutral poses in yoga practice? We refer to these as the inner quality or the inner nature of Asana. Through these different poses, we can regulate our inner heat like a self-control thermostat. On the podcast this week, we explore yoga during a heatwave…

I find this topic very relevant today because, as you know, many parts of America and Europe, and probably even in different parts of the globe are experiencing heatwave due to climate change. And because our body changes, where we live changes, and climate change is a real thing, knowing when to use what and how oft would definitely serve us and level up our yoga practice.

If you live in North America, where heated yoga is a big deal. It’s important to tune in as yoga during a heatwave is not the same as yoga when it’s not 110 degrees for days on end outside.

So join me in this short episode where I share what these poses are and how they can help you as you go on in your yoga journey!

Yoga during a heatwave Episode Highlights:

  • Heating poses, cooling poses, and neutral poses
  • What to aim for in your yoga practice
  • How to balance heat and cooling practices
  • Misconceptions about yoga in India
  • Is sweating a sign of doing “more” in yoga?

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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