Episode: 99

What You Should Know, Learn, and Teach As A Yoga Teacher

I’m unpacking three questions I get asked a lot about from yoga teachers, either through social media or inside the Mindful Yoga Teachers Club. My goal is to add or bring clarity and confidence to what many yoga teachers are probably already doing. I’m going to address what you should know, learn, and teach as a yoga teacher.

Being able to answer these three key questions is crucial and will definitely impact your yoga teaching journey. Even more importantly, having clarity as to what to know, learn, and teach as a yoga teacher will result in teaching with compassion. And teaching with compassion leads to teaching with quality and confidence.

Along with these three important questions, I provide links to a number of other valuable episodes of this podcast to help you gain even more clarity on specific topics.

What to Know, Learn, and Teach as a Yoga Teacher Episode Highlights:

  • What should you know as a yoga teacher?
    • Basic understanding of the layout of yoga
    • A good grasp of the asanas
    • How yoga was traditionally taught
  • What should you learn as a yoga teacher?
    • Learn from a credible source
    • Apply the pancha kosha model
  • What should you teach?
    • Teach only that which you have experienced fully
    • Only teach that in which you have full clarity
    • Pass the 2:00 AM test
    • Teach only that which you can repeat in any circumstance
    • Teach only that which is relatable and relevant to your student
    • Teach that which elevates one’s well being that brings you a sense of service and satisfaction

Resources and Links Mentioned:

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