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#10: Yoga is dead with Jesal & Tejal

Welcome to Episode 10 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Join our today’s fun episode with Tejal and Jesal from the Yoga is Dead Podcast as we go back to their podcast's first episodes, their experience recording them, and the feedback (or even pushback) they’ve received. We also chat about a whole range of topics from yoga […]

#9: Why yoga nidra is not about sleep with Indu Arora

Welcome to Episode 9 of Let’s Talk Yoga! In this episode, we dive deep into understanding yoga nidra with my guest, Indu Arora. I’m personally a big believer of this practice and I really think more people should have a deeper understanding and access to it, that’s why I reached out to Indu Arora to […]

#8: Indian men & American yoga studios with Ashish Arora

Welcome to Episode 8 of Let’s Talk Yoga!  In this episode, I talk to a good friend of mine, Ashish Arora. We chat about why there aren’t too many Indian male yoga teachers out here in the US, the struggles of yoga teachers to make ends meet, and how this struggle brings about burnout, cultural appropriation and how we […]

#7: How yoga teachers can appreciate yoga with Jesal Parikh

Welcome to Episode 7 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Today’s episode is an informative, spontaneous discussion with Jesal Parikh from the Yoga is Dead Podcast. We chat about ways in which yoga teachers can appreciate yoga more & do better. We also have a serious discussion about what's at stake and where the yoga industry is […]

#6: Instagram is the new LinkedIn for yoga teachers with Cora Geroux

Welcome to Episode 6 of Let’s Talk Yoga!  In today’s episode, I speak with Cora Geroux of The Teaching Yoga Podcast. Cora has been a yoga teacher since 2009. We became instant friends when we were introduced by Jesal from the Yoga is Dead Podcast. We share many interests and she has been supporting me for months now since […]

Bonus: Living your yoga in business

Welcome back to another episode of Let’s Talk Yoga!  In today’s podcast, I’ve decided to drop a bonus episode for the interview that I did recently on The Teaching Yoga Podcast with Cora Geroux. Cora and I talked about all things yoga and business and keeping yoga alive in your small yoga business. If you’re a yoga teacher or an aspiring yoga teacher, give […]

#5: Cultural Appropriation of yoga - a starting point with Madhura Bhagawat

Welcome to Episode 5 of Let’s Talk Yoga!  Cultural appropriation of yoga is a conversation that needs to happen out in the open, in the modern yoga world. I am excited to invite you all to listen as I am sure that you’ll find value in today’s discussion, especially if you're a yoga teacher or […]

#4: Online Yoga Teacher Training pros & cons with Jason Crandell

Title: Let’s Talk Yoga! with Jason Crandell  Welcome to Episode 4 of Let’s Talk Yoga!  I believe that yoga teacher training is a powerful place where great yoga teachers are made and it can have a tremendous impact if done right. So today, we are going to talk about yoga teacher training with one of my favorite modern yoga teachers, […]

#3: Ayurvedic self-care for yoga teachers

Welcome to Episode 3 of Let’s Talk Yoga! In today’s episode, we will understand the relationship between yoga and Ayurveda.  Join me as I welcome our guest, Afrin Sopariwala, for our first interview on the Let’s Talk Yoga podcast.  Afrin and I are dear friends connected by yoga. We met in a yoga class almost seven years […]

#2: 5 Unconventional places to teach yoga during COVID19

Welcome to the Episode 2 of Let’s Talk Yoga!  Yoga teachers are having a hard time finding good teaching jobs, especially during this pandemic with all the studios and gyms closing down. Don’t waste your time waiting for them to call back, and don’t throw the towel just yet and give up. Let us start taking charge […]

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