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#48: Somatic Yoga Training with Trina Altman

Somatic yoga is becoming a popular term in the modern yoga world. In this episode, we chat with Trina Altman about her new book, Yoga Deconstructed: Movement Science Principles. An in-depth look into modern movement science & yoga. We cover somatic yoga training, why injuries occur, progressions & regressions in yoga asana, hypermobility, cueing & […]

#47: Yamas & Niyamas – The Missing Link (Part 1 of 2)

The Yamas & Niyamas play a fundamental role in the lives of yoga students & yoga teachers. In the modern yoga context, there's so much talk of 'living your yoga' yet these foundational aspects are either oversimplified or treated as black or white by modern yoga teachers and YTTs. The truth is just these 2 […]

#46: Why the Yoga Teacher-Student Relationship Matters in Modern Yoga with Kaya Mindlin

A yoga teacher can have tremendous impact on how you view yoga, what kind of a yoga teacher or student you'll become & more deeply a good teacher will impact all aspects of your life. On the show today, I chat with Kaya Mindlin to talk about why yoga teacher-student matters in modern yoga. For […]

#45: The Secret to Fun Arm Balances with Allison Ray Jeraci

Arm balances and inversions are something that I really enjoy. But honestly, many of my students cannot balance on thier arms. But there's another way. On the show today, I chat with international yoga teacher Allison Ray Jeraci. I'm inspired at how fun she makes arm balances. Her approach uses props innovatively and skillfully. More […]

#44: Suffer from Imposter Syndrome As a Yoga Teacher with Mado Hesselink

Have you heard of imposter syndrome? As a yoga teacher, do you think this is holding you back? I know that this is being experienced by a lot of people particularly women, and more often than not, most of them don’t know how to properly deal with it. Mado Hesselink is the perfect guest for […]

#43: Teach Yoga? 3 Must Ask Questions for yoga teachers

The one thing I wished I had a new yoga teacher was a mentor. For years, I longed for help, support & advice. That's why I've dedicated this episode to have a conversation about what it means to teach yoga. I'm highlighting 3 important questions every yoga teacher asks at some point in her yoga […]

#42: Free Pranayama Class & Sequencing Notes for Yoga Teachers

A lot of what’s been happening lately, especially with the second wave of COVID19 in India, has prompted me to do something different on the show today. I want to celebrate and honor our ability to breathe by sharing a free pranayama class that you can do for a lifetime & take anywhere with you. […]

#41: How to Study the Bhagavad Gita with Luvena Rangel

In this episode, we explore the Bhagavad Gita. It's very hard to squeeze the wisdom of the Gita in one podcast episode. I hope to keep unpacking this for you in the weeks & months ahead. My guest today, Luvena Rangel, a teacher and the founder of The Curvy Yogi. She's been studying the Gita […]

#40: Best Tips For Great Yoga Photos with Lauren Mitchell

As a yoga teacher, it's not important to have good yoga photos. But it is necessary if you're trying to grow your yoga career. Think of all the brands you've paid attention to. Chances are they've told you a story through their photos. The best part of yoga photos is that you can now get […]

#39: What next after yoga lineages with Theodora Wildcroft

Have you ever wondered about yoga lineage? Talking about post-lineage yoga today with Theodora Wildcroft, PHD. She's a yoga teacher, trainer, writer, scholar. She is the author of Post-lineage Yoga: from guru to #metoo, a founder member of, a Visiting Fellow at the Open University, and Project Co-ordinator for the SOAS Centre of Yoga Studies. […]

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