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#59: How to (Really) Teach Beginners Yoga with Natalie Tabilo

When was the last time that you had to teach yoga to beginners yoga students? Which concept or practice did you choose to teach first and why? Have you ever taught someone who is differently abled? Teaching beginners is a basic and yet a crucial step in a yoga teacher's journey. How you approach the […]

#58: Understanding the Gunas in Ayurveda

If you're currently enjoying the benefits of yoga to your body and mind, I suggest that you dig deeper into the wonders of the Gunas. These come from Yoga's sister science, Ayurveda. Which essentially means the science of life. In life, there's a natural balance between polarities. Once you understand this, you open yourself to […]

#57: Top 5 FAQs about Pranayama

In today's episode, I share the top five most frequently asked questions about Pranayama practice. Since I've been doing & teaching pranayama for over a decade, these questions come up time & time again. So I decided to put them in a podcast episode for you to have easy access. Pranayama is truly a practice […]

#56: The Three Important Groups of Pranayama

Keen to learn more about Pranayama? Me too. There's a lot more to this practice than modern western yoga lets you uncover. Often most yoga teachers like you dabble a little here and there. But that's it. That's why I am very excited about my Pranayama Teacher Training happening October 2021. I've worked on my […]

#55: The Origins of Yoga with Prasad Rangnekar

Have you ever wondered where yoga came from? In these modern times, we're presented with various types of yoga that it becomes quite difficult to pinpoint which one is the original. It even stirs up doubt in wanna-be yoga enthusiasts. How far back can we trace the history of yoga? In this episode, we're honored […]

#54: Hypermobility versus Flexibility with Alexandria Crow

Most people & probably you at some point thought that flexibility was essential to do yoga, correct? This is a common misconception that most people have. Media has also paid an important role in creating this false image. On the show today, I chat with Alex Crow. A competitive gymnast turned yoga teacher about hypermobility […]

#53: The Sanskrit Channel - with Udaya Shreyas

If you are a yoga teacher like me, chances are you have also been intrigued by Sanskrit. If so, you're in for a treat because, in this episode, you're about to discover where the language came from, its significance to yoga, and why it is called “the language of the gods” & much more. I'm […]

#52: Best Advice from a Yoga Editor with Kat Heagberg Rebar

It is important for yoga teachers to develop good communication skills. One of the best ways to do this is to practice writing content. Whether it’s putting out a social media post, a blog article, or just writing a yoga teacher training manual for a yoga class, yoga teachers need good writing skills. For this […]

#51: Yamas & Niyamas – The Missing Link (Part 2) with Savira Gupta

You loved part 1. Episode 47 yamas & niyamas with Savira Gupta. Part 2 is finally here. If you haven't heard part 1, click here to listen. In today’s episode, Savira shares her understanding of the five niyamas and their roles in the practice of yoga. She elaborates on each of their meanings and even […]

#50: Yoga Teacher Training - Did You Know?

You've probably noticed I'm obsessed with how yoga teachers are created. This isnt a new obession for me. I've always cared about this deeply for 2 reasons. Firstly, yoga is a part of my culture, my heritage & a part of who I am since birth. Secondly, yoga teacher trainings are where modern day yoga […]


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