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#35: Uncovering Radiant Rest with Tracee Stanley

Welcome to Episode 35 of Let’s Talk Yoga! In a past episode with Indu Arora, I mentioned how interested and a big believer I am in the practice of yoga nidra. In fact, I recently just finished reading a book called Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity, which I found to […]

#34: Re-thinking Your Asana Practice with Rocky Heron

Welcome to Episode 34 of Let’s Talk Yoga! My guest in today’s episode is one of my favorite asana teachers, Rocky Heron. I discovered a lot of his classes on Yoga International during the start of the pandemic. I’ve always found his approach to be very unique. In this conversation, Rocky talks about asana. But […]

#33: Why You Should Be Fascinated By Your Fascia with Pooja Virani

Welcome to Episode 33 of Let’s Talk Yoga! I have Pooja Virani on the show today to talk about all things fascia. I know a lot of yoga teachers are curious about fascia & how it impacts our bodies & practice. Pooja talks about myofascial release and its importance to yoga teachers and practitioners. She […]

#32: The 4 Pillars of Life & Yoga with Savira Gupta

Welcome to Episode 32 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Packed with so much information and knowledge, today’s episode is one that you should not miss. My guest today, Savira Gupta, expertly shares her knowledge of the Puruṣārtha system or the four pillars of life. She discusses these, one by one, and how each of the pillars […]

#31: Non-violent Communication for Yoga Teachers with Judith Lasater

Welcome to Episode 31 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Judith Hanson Lasater is back again on the show, this time, to talk about nonviolent communication for yoga teachers. Communication is central to everything we do in our lives. Especially as yoga teachers, we use our words & bodies to communicate. How we communicate matters deeply. Probably, […]

#30: Mind Your Breathing with Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian

Welcome to Episode 30 of Let’s Talk Yoga! As the pandemic hit the world, more and more people are interested in learning about breathing and its benefits. Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian guests on Let’s Talk Yoga today to help us understand what pranayama is, who this is for, and how we can measure our success with […]

#29: COVID-19 & What We Can Do as Yoga Teachers (Respiratory health & immunity focus)

Welcome to Episode 29 of Let’s Talk Yoga! After a year of recording the first COVID case in the US, I think this conversation is overdue. I want to specifically talk about the role of yoga and COVID19. In today's solo episode, I share some practical ways to improve or restore respiratory health and boost […]

#28: What is Zero Waste Living & How is it Yoga with Stephanie Lentz

Welcome to Episode 28 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Exploring a unique relationship between zero waste living and yoga today. A big part of yoga is being able to live it off your mat. This extends into every aspect of our lives. Including how we interact & engage with the environment as consumers. If you’re thinking […]

#27: Unpacking What Yoga Philosophy Means in its Truest Sense with Dr. Shyam Ranganathan

Welcome to Episode 27 of Let’s Talk Yoga! I've been wanting to do an episode on yoga philosophy since day 1 of this podcast. But was looking for the right guest to share with all of you. I'm thrilled to bring Dr. Shyam Ranganathan to share all things yoga philosphy today! We covered the subject […]

#26: Why Content is Your Superpower with Andrea Ferretti

Welcome to Episode 26 of Let’s Talk Yoga! As a yoga teacher if you're keen to grow your audience, you need to start paying more attention to content development & creation. It can be rather challenging to navigate the various mediums of content we have available to us today - social media, newsletters, YouTube videos […]


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