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#24: Is Meditation the Answer for Everything? With Anusha Wijeyakumar

Welcome to Episode 24 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Being stressed out seems to be the norm for most people these days. If you’re like me who desperately wants to relax or simply just wants to live a better life, let’s all try meditation. I invited Anusha Wijeyakumar to talk about everything we need to know […]

#23: What Your Dosha Says About Your Gut Health with Dr. Ram Tamang

Welcome to Episode 23 of Let’s Talk Yoga! One of my goals for the coming year is to get my wellness act together and I specifically want to learn more about gut health. Dr. Ram Tamang is an Ayurvedic physician with 20 years of experience. Born & raised in Nepal, Dr. Ram started dealing with […]

#21: Body Positive Yoga and Setting a Shame Free New Year’s Resolution with Amber Karnes

Welcome to Episode 21 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Can fat people do yoga? Oftentimes, larger-body people experience hostility in fitness environments. We're conditioned to think that a bigger bodied person is usually unhealthy or sick in some way. Let this interview with Amber Karnes educate and inspire you about loving your body, avoiding teh trap of […]

#19: All things OM, Origins of Sanskrit and the Role of Mantras in Yoga with Sunita Baste Patil

Welcome to Episode 19 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Ever wondered what OM means? Or why it's a part of modern day yoga? Curious about the origins of Sanskrit? Is it a dying language? We get into this & more in this episode. My guest Sunita Baste Patil is known for her deep understanding of the […]

#18: Everyday Ayurvedic Self-Care Rituals You Didn’t Know About with Indu Arora

Welcome to Episode 18 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Indu Arora is back on the podcast talking about her latest book SOMA 100 heritage self-care recipes. Ayurvedic self-care is taking care of ourselves from within. Indu's book is filled with recipes, rituals & remedies. Looking after ourselves is especially important these times, so if you’re like […]

#17: Can yoga history be fun? A conversation with Colin Hall

Welcome to Episode 17 of Let’s Talk Yoga! As I was looking for someone to help weave the journey of yoga in North America, I stumbled upon Colin Hall’s show called the Yoga History Podcast. I began to listen to his episodes and I was surprised that I didn’t get bored or skip episodes. If […]

#16: A New Approach & Updated Guidelines for Online Yoga Teacher Trainings with Dr. Christa Kuberry from Yoga Alliance

Welcome to Episode 16 of Let’s Talk Yoga! The transition of yoga teachers from teaching in studios to going online has been hitting the industry with a big wave. Having experienced this myself, I reached out to Yoga Alliance to know more on how they keep the standards of yoga practice in this transition. A […]

#15: Questions I've been asked about poses repeatedly over the past decade

Welcome to Episode 15 of Let’s Talk Yoga! While I know you enjoy having these interviews here on the Let’s Talk Yoga Podcast, most of my time is actually devoted to teaching asana. Over the years, I get a lot of questions about it, asking to clear some confusions and busting some myths about asana […]

#14: Do props have a purpose with Zain Syed

Welcome to Episode 14 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Join today’s packed episode as Zain Syed talks about the purpose of props in the practice of yoga. Zain is surprisingly creative in sequencing and very playful in his use of props. He goes deep down on how to use props to advance and assist in yoga […]

#13: True Yoga is Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman

Welcome to Episode 13 of Let’s Talk Yoga! I bring on Jivana Heyman today on the show to talk about the practice of making yoga accessible for everyone, the philosophy behind it, and the social justice work he continues to do in his work. He goes deep in discussing the advocacy of Accessible Yoga, and […]


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