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#15: Questions I've been asked about poses repeatedly over the past decade

Welcome to Episode 15 of Let’s Talk Yoga! While I know you enjoy having these interviews here on the Let’s Talk Yoga Podcast, most of my time is actually devoted to teaching asana. Over the years, I get a lot of questions about it, asking to clear some confusions and busting some myths about asana […]

#14: Do props have a purpose with Zain Syed

Welcome to Episode 14 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Join today’s packed episode as Zain Syed talks about the purpose of props in the practice of yoga. Zain is surprisingly creative in sequencing and very playful in his use of props. He goes deep down on how to use props to advance and assist in yoga […]

#13: True Yoga is Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman

Welcome to Episode 13 of Let’s Talk Yoga! I bring on Jivana Heyman today on the show to talk about the practice of making yoga accessible for everyone, the philosophy behind it, and the social justice work he continues to do in his work. He goes deep in discussing the advocacy of Accessible Yoga, and […]

#12: The pelvis is everything with Judith Hanson Lasater

Welcome to Episode 12 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Today’s guest is who I call the Queen of Restorative Yoga. Judith Hanson Lasater joins me today to talk about her latest book, Yoga Myths: What You Need to Learn and Unlearn for a Safe and Healthy Yoga Practice. Judith was one of the yoga teachers who […]

#11: The Science of a Private Lesson

Welcome to Episode 11 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Francesca Cervero wears many hats - she's a teacher, podcaster, mentor, and yoga teacher trainer. She talks about the science of yoga private lessons, which is her specialty teacher training. Since the pandemic, yoga teachers are not able to hold classes in yoga studios causing a huge […]

#10: Yoga is dead with Jesal & Tejal

Welcome to Episode 10 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Join our today’s fun episode with Tejal and Jesal from the Yoga is Dead Podcast as we go back to their podcast's first episodes, their experience recording them, and the feedback (or even pushback) they’ve received. We also chat about a whole range of topics from yoga […]

#9: Why yoga nidra is not about sleep with Indu Arora

Welcome to Episode 9 of Let’s Talk Yoga! In this episode, we dive deep into understanding yoga nidra with my guest, Indu Arora. I’m personally a big believer of this practice and I really think more people should have a deeper understanding and access to it, that’s why I reached out to Indu Arora to […]

#8: Indian men & American yoga studios with Ashish Arora

Welcome to Episode 8 of Let’s Talk Yoga!  In this episode, I talk to a good friend of mine, Ashish Arora. We chat about why there aren’t too many Indian male yoga teachers out here in the US, the struggles of yoga teachers to make ends meet, and how this struggle brings about burnout, cultural appropriation and how we […]

#7: How yoga teachers can appreciate yoga with Jesal Parikh

Welcome to Episode 7 of Let’s Talk Yoga! Today’s episode is an informative, spontaneous discussion with Jesal Parikh from the Yoga is Dead Podcast. We chat about ways in which yoga teachers can appreciate yoga more & do better. We also have a serious discussion about what's at stake and where the yoga industry is […]

#6: Instagram is the new LinkedIn for yoga teachers with Cora Geroux

Welcome to Episode 6 of Let’s Talk Yoga!  In today’s episode, I speak with Cora Geroux of The Teaching Yoga Podcast. Cora has been a yoga teacher since 2009. We became instant friends when we were introduced by Jesal from the Yoga is Dead Podcast. We share many interests and she has been supporting me for months now since […]

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